it can devastate you and leave you as a life-less child of God with no direction.. or it can be the breeding place for an authentic work of God in you.. unfortunately most people respond totally wrong to it.. and yet all that matters really.. is not the rejection.. it is the RESPONSE..

Now before we go further lets rightly divide this word, I want to say that I’m not talking about you feeling rejected, or alone, or sad because you are rebellious, have a terrible attitude, disobey God. This post is not for you if you are not walking in truth. We needed to quit telling Christians who live in compromise long time ago what their steps to success are. God will never sacrifice His standards and there is only one thing that you can do and that is to repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ, otherwise I have little hope for you or that God would do ever anything meaningful or of eternal value in your life. 

This here for the honest believer, who lives in victory over sin, has his sword aiming at the enemy but has yet to overcome that stronghold called rejection. We have all faced it to some degree and I think it is one of hells masterplans to get people out of their calling, get preachers to quit preaching, cause church splits and unnecessarily trouble within the body of Christ because we are fighting on the wrong front.

ITS NEVER WHAT HAPPENS TO US BUT HOW WE RESPOND TO IT. Rejection has been one of the major tools in the hands of God in my life as I responded to His dealings. It is when we are rejected, that we need not to ask why we have been rejected, but rather ask God what He wants to show us through it what we really need.. Whenever we are being rejected by someone, whether it is for convictions, values or even steps of faith or opportunities, we have options..

a) take it personally and begin to analyze whether or why the person has an issue with you. Here is the truth: People aren’t really thinking about you. but if you have an exaggerated sense of self-importance you will be offended quickly because you think they are. Thats why people run away from God-relationships, churches, ministries for the wrong reasons.

b) spend useless time in spiritual warfare. There are believers who are so dysfunctional and yet they always rebuke devils. Its nauseating. My dad was a Major in the military, which is a high rank officer. I know only few people who live by principle the way he does. He understands that when the enemy hits from the south it makes no sense going to north. I´m convinced that someone who is healthy internally who pursues Jesus daily lives in the Word will automatically put up the shield of faith. Faith has moved to a subconscious-level, it is the norm. He fights the good fight of faith, preaches the gospel, prays for the sick and casts out devils, but dismisses the unnecessary things. He really is a believer. I dont say this to boast, but the devil is rarely even near any type of trouble for me. i know what he can do and seek to understand his strategies more and more that I’m better equipped to win the lost, but I never engage in a direct fight with him. Why would I, when he is defeated. 

c) change who you are. Thats one of the most dangerous ones. Brother Hagin used to say that when faith is weak or victory seems lost we need to understand that the number 1 thing to understand is that the source of our opposition is Satan, never people. When rejected, THE ENEMY wants to use that against us. But we can also allow God to use it, if we respond to His dealings.. or to His correction.. to whatever He wants to do.. so that we become more Christlike.. as we remain in careful submission to His leadership of our lives.. 

d) take up your cross, deny yourself and follow Jesus… when rejected and it hurts a bit. Something needs to die more.. I’m not saying you need to constantly pursue relationship with people who don’t add any value whatsoever to your life and treat you badly and this is how God teaches you something, no not at all. I believe in having boundaries and all that, which by the way is not an excuse to not love people but rather a tool so that we can truly love others as our selfs (Mark 12:30-31 we cant do that if we dont lead ourselves well.)

When we face rejection and it hurts us we need to deny ourselves. Ask God why it hurts, reflect with the Holy Spirit and rest in His love and allow Him to show you what He thinks about that.. here is a hint to remember: He will obviously never tell you how the other person was wrong etc.. 

God has been really helping me with that a lot and now I find it fairly easy to be quickly back at a place of peace and serenity when anything like that should happen. Choosing (d over and and over again comes by practicing the presence of God and living by principles. Sometimes I talk to a trusted friend or mentor about it, but mostly its settled when the Holy Spirit minister to me.

Live free and be everything God has called you to be, God WILL use circumstances for your good but only if you respond to His dealings