GIFTS ARE... GIFTS (and not rewards for not eating)

GIFTS ARE... GIFTS (and not rewards for not eating)

I think I’ve seen more healings and miracles when I did NOT fast compared to when I did fast, and many had a similar experience.. just saying.. it’s grace.. I know I risk that people will either dismiss fasting or say “Philipp says fasting is not important”.. I’m wondering..

maybe it brings more glory to God if I eat a steak 🥩 before I minister to the sick, because then it clearly had nothing to do with me (or with the steak.. I’m willing to pay 50-70 dollars for a nice steak.. just making a point).. I’ve seen Jesus perform creative miracles and restored body parts and we went to KFC afterwards.. 

prayer and fasting is very important.. it can’t take the place of revelation though.. I prayed and fasted 40 days before Global Kingdom Mission was birthed and God assigned an angel (revelatory) of awakening to this ministry.. within a year or so more than 40.000 people (yes you read that correctly, it probably was way more than that) gave their lives to Jesus.. was it the fasting? Nope. It was God. it’s grace.. Reinhard Bonnke said one time that he makes sure that people don’t think that the miracles have anything to do with his fasting.. it’s just Jesus.

 you can fast to get more consecrated.. to get more fine tuned and focused.. to knock off something that you need to let go of.. we need to be set apart and be good vessels.. as Dr. Tozer said “the whole drive behind the Christian life is to be confirmed into the image of Christ..” everybody who loves Jesus should know this.. but I’m always cautious when people make too strong of a connection with their performance and Gods healing grace. Let no man boast.. focus on works is this strange and subtle form of pride.. 

I love and fully embrace the holiness of God but I don’t like the works mentality at all (they are not the same), it’s a horrible counterfeit of the beautiful grace of God.. 

“What about the demons who only come out by prayer and fasting..” I know.. and it bothers me a bit.. I can tell you one thing that comes out by prayer and fasting too: unbelief.. 

Still... GIFTS ARE NOT REWARDS, this is one of the secrets to move in the supernatural and engage the glory realm.

Its not by might nor by power but by Gods Spirit (Sach. 4:6)

This has been my process. I could be wrong.

Philipp J. Schmerold