Remaining dependent on God

I’m praying that you feel close to Jesus in those days, and that nothing and no one is able to distract you from the supreme call for every believer – to love and worship Jesus.

Oftentimes all the devil wants to do is to stop us worshipping. He will do anything to stop our intimacy with the Lord. He is not out there to get you to be a drug addict, alcoholic or prostitute, or to get you to lie and curse; he will do that only if it disturbs your worship. If you have lost true intimacy with God, he is happy, because he has successfully robbed God of His place. May we never loose the wonder of the gospel or compromise in our daily relationship with Him.
A powerful preacher once said, “No matter how old you are in the Lord, you never graduate from dependency.”
That is so true. Not only is that crucial for our own lives, but only if we live and remain in dependency on God, our witness to a dying world will be powerful and effective.
Why is that so? I’m glad you asked :). A witness is someone who who can give a firsthand account of something seen, heard, or experienced. A believer is a follower of Christ, the anointed one. He follows Christ, that means he has seen Him. We have witnessed something.
Let me put it this way: A witness is who you are, not just what you do. Evangelism can be merely something that you do, but a witness is who you are because a true witness has “witnessed” Christ, the anointed one, therefore he is a true follower of Christ. A witness manifests who Jesus is in character, power and speech. That is a true disciple.

God has done amazing things in my travels over the last weeks. Many lives have been touched, and people saved and healed, both in meetings and on the streets.
Please pray for the coming weekend, where I will be ministering at the Christ Centre in Weissenburg, Germany. Friday night – youth service, saturday – outreach, Saturday evening – Healing Service, and Sunday morning service.

16I’m excited to announce that I’m almost done with the writing part of my first book. I really feel the anointing of God as I write and I pray that I’m convinced that it will be a blessing to many. Please keep me in your prayers for the publishing-process etc..
The book will cover topics such as understanding the true gospel, getting free from easily entangling sin, experiencing the Father’s love and how to be an ambassador of the King. Of course it will have to do a lot with my own journey and testimony, but more of it will be revealed soon.

On the link below I wanted to express my gratitude towards you, my prayer partners and encourage you with a scripture. I recorded it when I was in Italy recently, to get away and seek the Lord for a couple days.
I pray that you will be blessed by it.