"I want to highly recommend to you the life and ministry of my good friend and son in the Gospel, Philipp Schmerold. Philipp is a rising new prophetic evangelistic voice in the Body of Christ that moves in great revelation and power with integrity like few I know. I’ve had the privilege of ministering with him in Germany and witnessed great strength and maturity beyond his years. Like many, Philipp is licensed and ordained through Global Fire Ministries international and is a member of Global Connect. You will benefit greatly from your time with him."

Jeff Jansen, Senior Leader Global Fire Church & Global Connect; Global Fire Ministries International


"I’ve had the privilege to share the pulpit with Pastor Philipp Schmerold for the first time at a conference in the fall of 2015. Already at this first meeting I was impressed about how God was using this young man. It was then and still is a joy to share the same platform with him to serve the people of God. All the while it’s not only the strong anointing that is clearly visible on his life which is quite remarkable, but especially also the humbleness and humility that he was able to keep in the middle of his early success. Many a young minister next to his gifting also seems to have an unhealthy measure of self-esteem. Not so with Pastor Philipp. Therefore I’m not hesitant to believe that his ministry from God has a great future. His ministering in the Word of God and also in the Gifts of the Spirit, as I was able to witness it personally, is distinct and sharp. No mannerisms, but just the unfeigned ministry of God’s Anointing. Also, to connect and communicate with Pastor Philipp on a personal level is an uplifting experience and is marked by godly transparency. I can highly and with a clear conscience recommend the ministry of Pastor Philipp Schmerold."

Manfred Roth, D. Th.; Senior Pastor of Bible Faith Center Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Author, Teacher und Translator of the New Testament


"I would like to introduce you to Rev. Philipp Schmerold from Austria. Philipp is an exceptional young man with the call of God on his life to preach to the nations. He demonstrates the gift of an Evangelist with a missionary call to lead people to Christ in difficult places to serve. Philipp has faithfully served under our covering at Vienna Christian Center and also understands the priority to support pastors in the local church.  He has great experience and training both here in Austria as well as the United States of America. One of the things I appreciate most about Philipp is his passion for revival. He is a man of faith and desires for God to use him to believe for the supernatural today.  He is a soul-winner and fully surrendered disciple of Jesus. Thank you for receiving Philipp and for opportunities you can share with him for ministry.  I know you and your nation will be blessed through his heart to serve with you."

Larry Henderson, Senior Pastor Vienna Christian Center


"I met Philipp at BSSM, he was a student that I had the honor to get to know and spend time with him talking about reaching people for Jesus Christ. It has blessed me to see Philipp takes the torch of heaven and the message of salvation across the world as a young man. Philipp indeed has a passion for souls to see them saved, healed and delivered by the power of God. I personally have seen him grow in the grace of God and the call of God that is on His life to reach the world for Jesus Christ. He is a young man that burns for souls to be saved."

Chris Overstreet, Evangelist/Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California


"Philipp Schmerold has been a good friend of mine for several years. Since I know him, I have seen what God means when He said, “Those who seek Me will find Me.” This man has sought after the heart of God to see the lost come to Jesus, and he has never changed the subject since. I am thrilled that he has put his heart into this book so others can partake of the power of the Gospel and live a life of conviction and purpose. Get ready to receive more as you are challenged and awakened by what you read."

Ben Fitzgerald, Director of GODfest Ministries/Awakening Europe


"Jesus made very clear what His heart beat is: He came to seek and to save the lost. Philipp is a young preacher who got radically saved through the very power of the Gospel that he now himself proclaims around the world, with signs following. Be ready to be disturbed by the Spirit of God, but also overwhelmed as you feel the love of Jesus on every page, through the writing of a man who has a one-track mind: to lift up that name which is above every other name. I’ve gotten to know Philipp and I highly recommend him."

Daniel Kolenda, President of Christ for all Nations 


"I met Philipp on a mission trip to Taiwan. During that trip I found him to be a man who was hungry and thirsty for the presence of God. He ministered in a combined churches meeting in Fernvale and is a dynamic, powerful preacher and minister of the Gospel of Christ. On the day prior, he led 12 people to Christ on the streets of Brisbane in a two-hour period. He is the real deal."

Mike Behrends, Pastor of Trax Christian Church in Lowood, Australia


"Philipp is quickly emerging as a voice to be heard. He gives you a glimpse into a man’s heart and guides you through the necessary core values of a Christian’s mindset and heart in order to be prepared for a personal move of God and how that translates into making a lasting impact on our generation. It will get you all fired up about the harvest!"

Dr. John Garcia, Senior Pastor of Legacy Church in Tampa, Florida 


"Philipp Schmerold is a man on fire for God. There is nothing artificial here. What he writes in The Burning Heart breathes this authenticity. These are not mere words of theory written by one aspiring to be a soul winner. They are practical truths from the heart of one who lives them every day and experiences their supernatural confirmation in souls won for Jesus Christ. You will be challenged to follow in the steps of one who has heard the heartbeat of God our Father and has made the unwavering decision to obey the Great Commission without compromise."

Fred Lambert, Director of Rhema Bible College in Austria, Senior Pastor of Free Christian Church in Wels, Austria


"I met Philipp a year ago when I visited Bethel Church in Redding. While we spoke, I recognized his burning, loving heart and his permanent hunger for the presence of God. Since we first met, we have been close friends. He ministered in my church in Germany and really drew us more into the presence of God and inspired the church to live a life of intimacy with God and, out of this intimacy, to reach out to a lost and broken world. His book will motivate and inspire you to love God and love the lost with all your heart and all your power, and to represent Jesus whereever you are."

Markus Eugster, Pastor of Christ Center Weissenburg, Germany


"I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Philipp since his salvation. His radical turn-around, unmarred by compromise, amazed me from the start. Now, several years later, he has lost none of that fire, and it seems as if he is burning even more than ever for God’s kingdom and winning the lost. Philipp’s zeal and his love for people are contagious and inspiring, whether in his homeland of Austria or in the nations of the world. We ministered together in South Asia, and I was able to observe, and even tangibly feel, how he demonstrates the love of Christ and leads people to Jesus."

Edwin Jung, Director of the Austrian Free Churches Movement, Pastor of Free Christian Church in Braunau, Austria