Philipp Schmerold Int´l Ministries

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Philipp J. Schmerold is a prophetic voice, with a mandate to call the lost to repentance, reviving believers and awakening them to do the works of Jesus. He is a conference speaker and author, and travels extensively ministering to multitudes every year. His personal time with God and passion for the presence of the Holy Spirit fuel the deep fire within him to minister to both the body of Christ, and to the lost. Philipp's life passion is to be a friend of God and to make Him known.

Global Kingdom Mission, is not primarily called to just one specific geographic location - rather it is called to people and to see millions come to Jesus in this endtime harvest. The work to which this ministry is called to involves missionary work, evangelistic crusades, church planting, and humanitarian projects in different nations of the world. 

When Jesus said "GO into ALL the World", He meant what He said. Fueled by Philipp's own dramatic conversion and by the heart-cry of God, "that none shall perish", he dedicated his life to spreading the life-giving, miracle-working gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and preaching the Word of God around the world. Wherever the voice of God leads, that´s where the ministry will go or be located. Within the first 4 years following his salvation Philipp prayed with 1.000′s to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. While still in his 20’s, Philipp has had already ministered in stadiums and preached to many thousands in miracle crusades which he conducted. He took the Gospel to 6 continents and has traveled throughout the United States, as well as more than 40 other nations around the globe. He was in pastoral ministry in Vienna, Austria where he served with Vienna Christian Center. Philipp serves in very remote areas in the world with a great passion for unreached people groups. He also ministers regularly at conferences, crusades, bible schools and churches of various denominational backgrounds all over the world, but always just intent on living his life supernaturally natural, whether he ministers to one person, or to crowds of tens of thousands – and Jesus Christ continues to heal various kinds of sicknesses and diseases, His anointing sill breaks the yoke of any bondage, and He saves the lost and embraces them in His loving arms. This ministry was confirmed with many signs, wonders and creative miracles, accurate prophetic ministry and the salvation of multitudes.

Reverend Philipp Schmerold is a third-year graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, where he interned for Chris Overstreet and is part of the Rhema Bible Training College teaching staff in Austria. He also graduated from the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, was interviewed by Club 700 and appeared on television. 
He is part of and ordained with the Austrian Pentecostal Free Churches Movement.

The core areas of this ministry are:

  • Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades: GKM´s vision of mass evangelism is, that through partnering with local churches in particular regions, the power of God will be manifested in strategic "Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades" so that the multitudes can be saved, the sick healed, and the demonized delivered. Combined with those events GKM seeks to do Missions Conferences in order to equip missionaries and strenghten and encourage local believers to do the work of the ministry. Together with a team, Philipp may stay in those areas for several months, depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Missionary Work: GKM is passionate about strenghtening, supporting and serving persecuted Christians and reaching unreached tribes and people groups in access restricted nations, who have never heard the gospel before. This can be done through: pioneering missions work, helping and serving established missions organizations in access restricted nations, ministering prophetically to leaders and discipleship training.
  • Equipping the Church: Philipp ministers often at missions and revival conferences or teaches in local churches and bible schools on topics such as prayer, how to move in the gifts of the Spirit (especially on the prophetic and healing), supernatural evangelism, how to organize crusades and large events and how believers can pursue the personal will of God for their lives.
  • Humanitarian Aid: Serving and strenghtening the poor, the needy and giving hope to orphans.