Several weeks ago I was carrying my niece in my arms in a service and all of a sudden I felt in a very experiential way tremendous love for her, I started to tear up as the Holy Spirit spoke to me heart „This is the way I love my children“ - and led me to release that into the room - both the revelation and the experience of it, and many felt the Father literally embracing them
(I also was reminded of a book that has that very same title - Experiencing the Fathers embrace by Jack Frost) 

(Céline loves the anointing, for example one time she was walking around and humming quietly „Miracles.. Miracles.. Miracles..“ And when Apostle Neumann was preaching a very convicting message about the importance of telling people the gospel, she made remarks during his preaching „this is so funny“ (das ist so lustig) :-)

As we raise up powerful Revivalists, who will go to war in a sense that we are not afraid of the enemy’s tactics and dont mind a bit of confrontation with darkness and religion, we seek an ongoing grounding in Gods love, as the Master was not only capable of demonstrating the supernatural, He did so with deep compassion for a hurting world and that is the model to follow

At times we can experience Gods love in powerful ways, but God also wants that the experience to transcends into conscious awareness

So much in our walk with God has to do with awareness

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Power over the devil


I didn’t make a big deal out of it. 

The enemy doesn’t deserve much of my attention. Only so much, to keep an eye on him, and frequent reminders, that he will be tormented throughout eternity 

About 5 months ago the devil tried to take me out. 

I saw how I was about to enter into something in the Spirit realm, mostly related to the Revival Center, and all I know is that I was being aggressive as usual.. a bit too aggressive for him 

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Whatever “the path” is for you, maybe it is living a life of devotion, or you envision your ideal self and have an idea of who you are but then there is somehow a gap and you are not sure how to bridge it, perhaps it is fulfilling a ministry God has given you, or to be more disciplined, or overcoming an obstacle, or a sum of those things.
In order to stay on the path, it is my firm conviction that a few things are essential for us:

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Dear church planter (by the way - “church planter” is not a ministry gift. I know some people like to use that term as if they are to say “I’m a church planter” - “I’m an apostle”. If every church planter were an apostle trust me the world would look a bit different. Just because someone is a church planter doesn’t mean he’s apostolic at all. So, when someone says, “I’m a church planter”, just ask him if they are an evangelist, a pastor or a teacher, that’s just healthier I think)
Praise God you if you are called to plant a church; let me remind you: 

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