Miracles & Reports

Deaf ear opens & salvation

May 16th 2019

By Philipp J. Schmerold

I am in Malta because a dear sister in the Lord sponsored a vacation as a way of saying thanks for my labor in the gospel. Today my friends David, Irene, Sylvia and I were walking around and enjoying the view and nature and this man was standing there looking at his garden, a storm had totally destroyed it except a statue of Jesus was still standing. As we were talking, I taught him the gospel that Jesus rose from the dead and that it is ok to have a statue of Jesus but its best when Jesus lives in you, furthermore I exhorted him to get saved. He dedicated his life to the Lord. He also shared with us, that he was totally deaf on his left ear. He was unable to hear what I was saying even from 1-2 meters away. I explained to him that Jesus can open his ear and that I have seen this many times. I commanded the deaf spirit to go and worked the miracle through the power of Jesus. His ear got completely healed and restored, in the end he was even able to repeat German words (that he doesn’t even know) from 20-30 meters away. He was so happy and invited us for dinner with his family on Sunday evening, to eat rabbit
(Whenever God uses me to work miracles it is entirely because of His power and because Jesus rose from the dead, not because of my own) #workingofmiracles #realmoftheSpirit #glorytoGod




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