Miracles & Reports

Healing report

June 29th 2019

"Praise report, hopefully very encouraging. Especially for those struggling with sickness. I heard a testimony about a person being healed from reuma in a live video from Kris Kildosher with guest speaker Philipp Schmerold. I felt something stirred in my spirit right a way. Than the connection broke down. I was just on Facebook when I saw the second part came on. The speaker said that someone that was listening to part 1 was healed from rheuma. I felt it was for me. I didn't have a pain attack at that moment, but I recieved it in prayer and from that moment on I didn't have any pain attacks up till now. Also the stiffness in my joints is less. So thankful. Hope this will encourage. Be blessed all of you. Greetings from Holland"

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