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Revival Church-Planting Testimony


March 5th

Von Pastor Philipp Schmerold:

„Vor ca. einem Monat flog ich nach einem Wort vom Herrn nach Bangladesh, um dort einem lokalen Pastor zu helfen, den ich in Dubai kennenlernte. Er versucht in einer fast durchwegs moslemischen Region eine christliche Arbeit aufzubauen. In der Woche kamen über 100 Moslems, Hindus und Buddhisten zum Glauben an Jesus Christus und Gott wirkte viele Wunder. Viele davon nennen nun die lokale Gemeinde, die sich nun daraus entwickelt, ihr zuhause. Nächstes Jahr wird es einen Eröffnungsgottesdienst geben und ich bekomme fast täglich wunderbare Berichte, wie sich die Dinge dort entwickeln.

Er schrieb vor kurzem: Ich wollte das schreiben, damit du es in deiner Gemeinde vorlesen kannst, um zu sehen, wie dankbar wir sind. 

Last February 2020 Rev. Philipp visited ______. He visited different houses and preached the gospel. The power of the Holy Spirit had been seen on the date of February 7. We decided the conference into two portions as our accommodation is small. We invited some people in the morning and some other in the evening. The presence was 68 adult and 20 children in the morning and 135 adult and 25 children in the evening. On the basis of the verses Luke 4:18-19, Rev. Philipp upholds our savior Jesus Christ before the attendance clearly and plainly. He made them to understand that Lord Jesus has come to save us from our sin and sickness. He can save us spiritually as well as physically. He is not like the god of other religions. He has not come to create another religion. He is the one and only God who can save us from sins and give us recovery. He brought 3 children before the presence and showed how a sinner can reach to God through Jesus Christ. Thanks God, many people became able to understand the purpose of the arrival of Christ. Some are egger to know more about Jesus Christ. 

At the end there was a prayer for sick people. Rev. Philipp invited the sick people to come forward. This is the glory of God. As we have been passing some hard days, it brought spiritual blessing for us. We took decision to leave the prayer house from the month of February because we could not bear the house rent any more. We were in doubt, where we would gather for worship. A very few people who gather with us till now have no space in any house. On the other hand, all of us, our economic condition is so miserable that we cannot afford to bear the house rent. As I am their leader, I am quite helpless. I thought, it is quite impossible for me to keep paying rent. But it is my surprise that when we are about to leave the house, God has provided us with house rent for over two years. Rev. Philipp brought a gift for us. We are grateful to all the people who are praying for us though we are totally unknown to them. May God bless you more.“

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God wants You to know Him, through his Son Jesus Christ