Miracles & Reports


29. November 

Dies war bereits die 3. von 4 Zeichen- und Wunderkampagnen in unterschiedlichen Regionen, innerhalb von nur einem Monat!! Danke Jesus! Er kommt bald und wir möchten soviel wie möglich für die letzte Ernte tun...

Anbei ein Bericht vom Leiter von Revival Center Pakistan, Pastor Ivan 


“I am so blessed and happy about the Revival Festival held on 27th November, 2020. We went deeper in the remote area and had a great crusade. The environment was filled with heavy anointing and when we started worship many demon-possessed started screaming mostly the spirit of ‘Khetarpal’, later on they were set free by the Power of Holy Spirit. I preached from Hebrews 13:8 and emphasized on the power and glory of Jesus Christ. People were so blessed to hear the Word of God and received their miracles. We had 873 total attendees and we received 592 salvations and decisions for Jesus Christ. 29 demon-possessed were freed, 3 deaf and 1 mute were healed. 38 people had breathing issues including Tuberculosis and Asthma were totally healed. 12 drug addicted accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Redeemer and gave their lives to Jesus. Overall 140 people were healed from different diseases and demonic possessions. This is only through the Grace of God and the Power of Holy Spirit. Hallelujah \o/ We could only listen to the 10 Testimonies due to scarcity of time. However, people worshipped God in the open sky without the fear of terrorism, cold weather and Corona.  We also provided sanitizers, surgical masks to the attendees and fever check was mandatory on the entry for everyone. Many new believers requested for Bibles and other Christian teachings. Many people invited us in their homes. Pakistan shall be saved. Amen“

Thank you Jesus and also thanks to everyone who invested financially in this great end-time harvest. 

Philipp J. Schmerold 






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