Follow-up testimonies after crusade 2018

By Philipp J. Schmerold, Dec. 2018

Many people who came to Christ in our last crusade in Asia got baptized by their local pastors.
One church in particular is experiencing a revival in the city where we held our March crusade and they have to extend their church building in order to accumulate the growth they have been experiencing.

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Important notification

Due to the great demand to minister at conferences, churches and gatherings, please be sure to ask at least 6-12 months in advance, if you would like to have Pastor Philipp Schmerold minister to your congregation. Thank you!


Baptism testimonies 2018

We are receiving follow up testimonies from our March crusade in Asia. Many people that came to Christ taking it a step further and getting baptized by their new pastors.

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Freedom Groups for those struggling with sexual sin - discount

I work on the backside of GKM with a ministry called leading mens purity groups. A lot of guys have gotten free and stayed free over the last years through creating a life-giving culture of honesty and also providing weapons to be victorious, fully apprehending Christs redemptive work on the cross in an individuals life. If you are interested or know anyone who could benefit in his walk with God from such a group, there is an offer at the moment...

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Austria for Jesus

Anmeldung/Registration (required): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ben Fitzgerald, Dr. Manfred Roth, Philipp J. Schmerold, Jeff Jansen und vielen anderen

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