Apostolic Spark

Apostolic Spark

As darkness will continue to increase in the earth, the light of the power, the glory and the frequencies of God will continue to dispel, destroy, push away and undo the works of the enemy…

Isaiah 60:1-2 is no longer a great scripture to memorize and a wonderful promise given at a certain time, but indeed it is a Rhema-Word for NOW and also a mandate in the days that we live in, as we can expect for God to desire to push the boundaries of His kingdom into the darkest places, while the devil tries to frantically postpone his ultimate and final destruction… 

This is Final Harvest, God is not into retreating, and He is also not into building little churches for people to sit around… It is not the time to get “systemised“ in the church, it is time to pioneer and to advance… God has never once anointed the machinery of organized Christianity, but He has always anointed people who are willing to yield to Him

“Arise, shine; 
For your light has come!
And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
And deep darkness the people;
But the LORD will arise over you,
And His glory will be seen upon you.“

As darkness continues to fill the earth... expect Gods light to shine bright.. through the church... through His people... through YOU 

Satan is a real being, he is the god of this world, he is influencing the minds and hearts of people, and the media are todays “giants“ in the earth; however, satan has no authority wherever the domain and rule of God is present

The local church is the hope of the world but it must wake up from its slumber, be willing to undergo some pruning and even discipline if it may be… it is all for our good and if God is for us - it matters not if anyone or anything is against us… Besides, God is also about to put a fresh anointing on new leaders, some may not like that, and He is also willing to bring along “the old“.. if we are willing to adapt

There is something God began to show me about the apostolic several years ago… it grows stronger and becomes more aggressive in a good way, when there is pressure, negative circumstances or even persecution.

The devil has a plan…
God has a plan… I intend to follow Him

The reason why I am so convinced that God is up to something big is because it’s been just our experience last year! I have often said 2020 was a great year, and I meant it… I´m sorry if this offends you… but I am in full agreement with what Bill Johnson said 

“For the believer every year is the Year of Jubilee, every day is a Day of Rest, and every hour is Happy Hour“

Consider the following…
In 2020… 
Here are just a few things God has done through our small church, despite the “pandemic“… 

👿 One of satans main strategies of this was that he wanted to sever missions efforts (you have to understand… the devil hates missions. He would prefer for local church to revolve around their litte building, instead of taking on Gods heart for the nations of the earth)
⛪️🔥 yet our church sent over 100.000$ to world missions in just a little over a year. A number of ministries and churches were started as a direct result, and tens of thousands were healed, saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit
👿 The devil wanted to stop major soul winning endeavours from happening. People couldn’t gather, and that not only affected gatherings of believers, but also crucial soul-winning events. Miracle Crusades is one of the most effective forms to advance the Christian faith. The devil hates it
⛪️🔥 yet in 2020 we had more miracle crusades in a single year than ever before, while simultaneously raising up several centers in the nations. As a matter of fact, at the end of last year we had 4 crusades in 1-month period with over 15.000 saved
👿 The devil wanted to take me out early 2020… I didnt make a big deal out of it… I saw how I was about to enter into something in the Spirit realm and all I know is that I was being aggressive as usual.. a bit too aggressive for him. I felt an arrow shot at me and as it hit my chest, the Lord told me “You have 3 seconds to stop your car“. I managed to do that before I turned unconscious, and survived. 
⛪️🔥Fast forward… I rose up with probably twice as much as power, authority and even opportunity than before. God said to me, “Attacks come from the enemy and healing is in my Word“… I followed His instructions and was well within a few weeks. I´m fine. To God be the glory.
👿 The devil is out to kill, to steal, to destroy…
⛪️🔥 Too many to share are the miracles, signs, wonders, restorations, etc… I’m just making a point, to God be the glory

We live in exciting times… I dont mind a good fight, if the devil wants war - bring it on

Please make sure to acquaint yourself with the supernatural power of God, churchianity will not make you an overcomer… 


…In the words of the great Evan Roberts… 
BEND THE CHURCH AND SAVE THE WORLD… this is the watch word of revival  

Philipp J. Schmerold - Global Kingdom Mission