Praying on my knees

Praying on my knees... I often don’t want to do it... I come up with all the reasons why I simply can walk around and pray out loud... I’m a student of the grace of God... and it is true... we are free...

I love to go on prayer walks, I quote over 100 scriptures out of memory on an average day... it’s the daily ammunition and it’s the hedge of protection at the same time... I’m not into survival-Christianity... I’m into thriving and living my #bestlifeNOW ❤️
yet when I go on my knees and pray that way (I put a pillow beneath my knees. I don’t want my knees to hurt) - my entire being, my brain, and everything I am registers somehow that I am NOTHING without the Holy Ghost... I think there is both science and power behind it... 
I need to humble myself... Often... and there is more grace 

Philipp J. Schmerold, January 9th 2021