Apostolic ministry

An apostle is God’s groundbreaking pioneer to go to the regions beyond, His gift to humanity to finish the task of the Great Commission. The task of the Great Commission is defined primarily as taking the good news of the Kingdom to every ethnicity (Matthew 24:14; 28:19-20; Acts 1:8).

What does it mean to be an apostle? It means a life marked by untold suffering and loneliness. Apostles suffer not only because of attacks from both inside and outside the church but also because they often live in hostile, lonely places.

In today’s world, suffering is not on the list of identifying factors when it comes to apostleship, but it should be.

Without a willingness to endure the suffering and loneliness that accompany bringing the gospel to the peoples of this world who have never had a chance to hear and whose territory has not yet been taken, individuals might consider engaging in another ministry category.

An apostle is probably more of a prophetic doer than a prophetic talker, and quite honestly I wish there was more prophetic doing and a little less prophetic talking going on today.

Apostles are out in the difficult and lonely places, obeying the Father and bringing in the final harvest before Jesus returns. 

Jeff Hartensveld, Assemblies of God World Missions Asia Pacific Director
Apostolic Spark - Igniting the Church for the Final Harvest