Wendogennet, Ethiopia

I'm so happy for what I was able to witness at the crusade I ministered together with my spiritual father and dear mentor Chris Franz (citaministries - Orlando, Florida). 1000's made a decision for Christ at the meetings that took place from wednesday until sunday, missionaries were equipped and churches Growing. That's the real Transformation work of God.

 One of my favorite miracles was a young boy who was deaf and came to the first meeting when I prayed for the sick. He didn't get healed right away and went home with his dad. At home he got into a squabble with one of his brothers who said to him "you are so dim!" He responded "I'm not dim!!" To the shock of his father, because he should not have been able to hear him! They came the last night of the crusade and testified in front of a screaming crowd that he was totally healed.

Others testified to be healed of blindness, cancer or even mental illness. Many burnt witchcraft items or got free from terrible demons. God was truly at work. Blessed be the name of Jesus.